naked underground is a place

where inspiration revelation and resistance

ebb and flow to create

new waves of ideas

it expresses something

ancient and timeless

but by no means dated

tribal yet without ritual

free but structured

government of naked underground

transcends social norms

eliminating elements which create

pretense and vanity in art

it removes its clothing

unashamed and secure saying


this is what i really look like

still wanna play

artists come together

sharing gifts and ideas



evolving perspectives joining

deconstructing reconstructing

as others watch listen and respond

what is present in the moment

all parts



calling out of the ultra dimensional reality


calling into being

what never existed

or will ever exist again

except if you will

in the mind of god


with what exists in the mind of man

a prophet cries out

give me something to live for

give me something to live for

his pathos hope and confidence

flowing freely

as bass provides a solemn foundation

as rhythm guitar finds a stable mood

as lead explores new tones

as percussion provides the grid

ever changing with each passing beat

with the feel and color of the moment

nothing predetermined

players deciding on the appropriate basic structure

the audience immediately begins to experience

freedom and exhiliration

because what pervades the air

through the interface between temporal and eternal

channeling new energy

coupled with new understanding

is truth

this energy and understanding

is uninterested in repetition unto perfection

neither is it excellent acoustics

perfect microphones

full house

proper pauses

good balance and on

but rather

in the absense of such perfection

new forces struggle for freedom

beyond improvisation

where anarchists

may create rigid paradigms

locked in modal harmony

naked underground is naturally iconoclastic

a frame yes

why square

a canvas yes

why taut

behold the mystery

a perfectly rendered painting

the first and only draft

wonderfully and amazingly whole and complete

studio is a court of law

it's audience is the jury

the free spirit of the audience

remains with naked underground

adding to it what was there originally

from the beginning

in the absense of revision

over time

feel emerges

as ego gives way to outcome

hearing becomes acute

thought and discretion

live in this environment

as new concepts flow from points in time

at microsecond intervals

heard and instantaneously interpreted

each moment produces free ensemble community without con or uniformity

new tensions arise

completely new dynamics

communal communication

tribal instincts

the environment begins to speak

we are the natives listening to the sounds of nature

and finding in the moment

a sacred sense of position and place

within the whole

being with

never against

listening while expressing



unity achieved the goal

oneness the gift

for naked underground

the rules are brutal

historic accuracy and honesty

standing on a bluff in mendocino

a certain group dynamic in nature exists as well

random yet magnificently defined

sky sea breeze sound

each moment a unique combination of elements

i was there

you can be there too

this is naked underground

- jeseppi trade wildfeather